2020 Prospective RNC Delegate Info Sheet

Dear Prospective National Delegates and Alternates,


Thank you for submitting all of your paperwork to run for a National Convention Delegate or Alternate to the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.  We want to give you additional information regarding this convention.


The National Convention begins with the opening reception on Sunday, August 23, and will go through Thursday evening, August 27. We are awaiting our hotel assignment, which should arrive any day. 

Many have asked about the delegate expenses for the convention.  Here is a breakdown of the expenses as we know them currently:

  • Convention Fee - $300 each

  • Guest Fee - $500 

  • Travel expense to and from Charlotte - $500 - $900 airfare

  • Hotel – 5 night minimum - anticipate $300 or more an evening plus tax for each room (more information below)

We will advise you of the parking situation at our hotel if you wish to drive to Charlotte for the event. 

We will provide all transportation to and from the Convention Center as well as any events the Nebraska Delegation is hosting.

Most of the rooms we have been assigned will have two queen beds, with a few having a king bed.  We are asking that everyone double up on rooms – no individual rooms in order that we will have enough rooms.  A credit card will be needed to hold the rooms immediately following your election as a delegate or alternate.


The convention fee will be charged to delegates and alternates. Elected delegates and alternates will receive first right of refusal on guest passes, at $500 per pass. These fees cover our costs of transportation, delegate shirts, pins, and other necessary expenses. The guest will have a guest pass to the convention as well as all of our events.

If you are elected as a delegate or alternate to the National Convention, please plan to attend a conference call immediately following the State Convention. Additional information will be distributed during this meeting for the National Convention.  If elected, you will receive the dial in information.  It is critical that you attend.

We are planning an awesome week in Charlotte and look forward to hosting you at our state convention on June 6. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the NEGOP main office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a delegate?

A delegate is an individual selected by his or her fellow Republicans to represent Nebraska’s Republicans to the Republican National Convention.


  • What does a delegate do?

Delegates cast the votes that will nominate the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States and may also take votes on other important party business.


  • When is the national convention?

The official convention dates are August 24th – August 27, 2020.

Delegates should plan to arrive at least one day early (potentially earlier, depending on committee assignments and other commitments) and stay at least one day later than the official adjournment.

  • Are there schedules available?

Schedules for the Republican National Convention and the Nebraska Delegation will be available in late July or early August of 2020.


  • Where is the national convention?

Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.


  • Who is eligible to run to be a delegate?

Any Republican legally registered to vote in Nebraska is eligible to run to be a delegate or alternate delegate to the national convention.


  • What is the process to become a delegate?

  1. Prospective delegates must submit an application to be a delegate to their local county clerk or county election commissioner between December 1, 2019 and on or before March 1, 2020.

  2. Prospective delegates who submit valid applications will be placed on a ballot for an election to be held at their respective county conventions between March 1 and April 10, 2020.

  3. If elected, prospective delegates must then submit a Notice of Intent form by May 4, 2020.

  4. Prospective delegates who submit a valid Notice of Intent form that binds them to the winner of Nebraska’s primary will appear on a ballot at the state convention.

  5. Winners of the election at the state convention and duly selected alternates are considered delegates from the Nebraska GOP to the Republican National Convention.


  • Who can attend the Republican National Convention?

Space is very limited. As a result, only delegates, alternate delegates, federal elected officials, party staff and other invited, duly credentialed guests will be permitted entry to the convention.


  • What costs are associated with becoming a delegate?

Delegates are should be prepared to cover the costs of transport to and from Charlotte, as well as costs associated with lodging, in addition to applicable registration fees.